Lawn Services

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FH Decks and Landscaping offers residential and commercial lawn care maintenance plus much more. We take pride in insuring that our clients' landscape investment is properly maintained. We offer competitive rates and FREE ESTIMATES!

Lawn Care Maintenance

We offer weekly and monthly maintenance which covers all aspects of any clients needs. Our care is specifically designed for those clients who expect a meticulously maintained landscape. A trained crew will perform all of the service functions which are as follows:

  • Mowing all turf area
  • Weed eating (blowing off all smooth surfaces)
  • Fertilization
  • Hedge & bush trimming
  • Pruning as needed
  • Ground cover control
  • Weed control
  • Fertilization of plant material
  • Edging
  • Cleanup of landscaped areas each visit
  • Leaf removal

  • Aeration & Slit Seeding

    We offer Aeration and Slit Seeding which are essential for a professional looking yard.


  • Creates small holes to help allow the soil to get air, water & nutrients to the roots of the grass

  • Slit Seeding:

  • Combines dethatching with seeding. Fastest, most thorough growth of new grass
  • Fertilization

  • Keeps the lawn growing strong & dense
  • Maintains the health of the lawn
  • Helps the years withstand harsh conditions
  • Yard is less likely to suffer from disease, pests and weeds